The Millionaire Mindset: Javascript-ing Your Frontal Lobe

the millionaire mindset

I’ve met a few millionaires in my life and likely many more whom I didn’t realize already resided in the 7 figure club. 

Lots of millionaires are just regular people, they eat at McDonalds, drive older model cars, and have kids in public school, perhaps just like yours.  Some are rather unassuming, and find it more appealing to blend in with the common folk, while others flat-out, like to flaunt it.

the millionaire mindset

According to there are nearly 22 million of them as of the end of 2021.  So, it’s very possible you could already be one of them, if so, that’s fantastic.  However, for those of us who are still working toward the lofty goal, it’s important that we acquire the Millionaire Mindset.

What is the millionaire mindset

In short; it’s an amalgamation of positive thoughts.  It’s visualizing positive outcomes.  Eliminating ‘No’ from your vocabulary.  It’s like the golfer who stands up on the tee-box and is able to focus his or her mind away from the water, the blustery wind, and the sandtraps lining the fairway.  Instead, all the golfer sees is that emerald green fairway with the accessible green, off in the distance. 

In order to have the millionaire mindset you have to believe in yourself, have clearly defined goals and the keen ability to block out negative viewpoints, and focus only on positive outcomes.

Not only is the millionaire mindset imperative for building a large net worth, but it promotes better health.  In fact, it’s been a proven tool against inflammatory damages caused by stress.  Not to mention, negative emotions can weaken immune response.  And, who wants or needs that?

Anyone can acquire the Millionaire Mindset, even those not seeking a 7 figure net worth.

You could have the millionaire mindset as a garbage collector, a waiter, or a CEO, it doesn’t matter, it’s simply ‘javascript-ing’ your mind.  

Meet Patrick, the Millionaire Garbage Collector.

My mother has a garbage collector who is one of the most amazing human beings I’ve ever met.  His name is Patrick.

The love this man has for his job, and his ‘clients’ well-being is ‘off the charts’.  I’ve never seen the man without a smile on his face.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the snowy February morning following the Super Bowl, with trash piled 6 feet high, the man’s grin is ear to ear.

“Hello Mrs X” how are you today?”

“Can I help you Mr X”?,

It’s all you hear, house after house after house.  Patrick ‘serves’ his clients any way he sees fit.

And do you know;

Nearly 7 out of every 10 residents that Patrick picks up garbage for leaves him an envelope around Christmas time.  Dutifully tucked in those envelopes, are treasury notes with the faces of dead presidents on them.   It’s true, Patrick cleans up around Christmas, he likely makes half his annual pay in ‘tips’ from his clients around Christmas.  

People love him because all he sees is that ‘emerald green fairway with the kidney-shaped green off in the distance’.  Patrick has the Millionaire Mindset. 

Millionaire Mindset Affirmations are ideal to javascript your brain. 

If you’re interested in obtaining the millionaire mindset, you need ‘Javascript for the frontal lobe’.  This retraining of the frontal lobe is acquired by deploying Millionaire Mindset Affirmations.  Here are the top three:

Millionaire mindset affirmation #1

Goal tracking:  Having short, mid and long range goals will help you maintain focus.  Goals provide a ‘roadmap’ for the mind enabling you to stay focused and motivated.  Goals also provide a visual scorecard to show how you’re progressing, which is why you need those short, mid-term, and long-term goals.    

 Millionaire mindset affirmation #2

Money Magnet Affirmations; 

Telling yourself things like:

 “My life is full of prosperity and abundance”  

“There are no limits to what I can and will achieve”

“I am worthy of financial success”

“I believe there is enough money and wealth for everyone”

“I am at peace with having enough money”

“Here is how I will help others when I have money”

These are ‘law of attraction’ principals which will help guide your focus.

Millionaire mindset affirmation #3

Making your affirmations personal.

Everything matters: the wording, the numbers, the timeline, sometimes even the manner of speaking. If it’s not something you would ever say, it will always feel foreign to you and seemingly un-natural. If it doesn’t feel like something that could come out of your mouth, consider changing the wording to whatever feels more natural.

How this Multi-Millionaire changed my mindset

I wanted to share one millionaire’s story to illustrate the millionaire mindset.  The power of this mindset will allow anyone, from anywhere, and from any background to achieve millionaire status, if this is their desire.  

My ‘Subject’ is Mark.  Okay, so that’s not his real name, but for our purposes today, we’ll go with- Mark.

You see, I promised him I would maintain his anonymity, even down to the point of changing his name.  However, his story will be authentic, insightful, and shockingly transparent.

I met Mark at the Kentucky Real Estate Investors Association about 6 years ago, and we’ve been friends ever since.

Mark is a multi-millionaire, with a net worth “between 4-5 Million”.  Mark claims that with the recent bumps in housing values, it’s difficult to gauge his total rental property equity, but 4-5 million ‘large’, is a conservative number.

He claims to have achieved 7 Figure (FI) at the age of 46.

Mark owns 38 single family homes, in 7 states, pays a whopping $42,000+ per year in property/liability insurance, and another $40,000+ in annual property taxes, has replaced 16 roofs, and has been sued twice.  Neither of which resulted in any financial loss.  

And get this, Mark still has a Full Time Job.  Huh, an FTJ?   Why?


“I just love helping people get healthy, almost as much as I love the first of the month!”  I assumed he meant the ‘first of the month’, because this is when all the rent checks come in…

Mark is Physical Therapist, and has been for nearly 26 years.  His passion for helping to heal patients after knee, hip, or shoulder surgery is very gratifying to him, and he plans on continuing to work as a PT,  into his 60’s.

Many Millionaires feel a sense of obligation to the betterment of society, Mark is one of them.


Mark is 56 years old, and bought his first investment property in Frankfurt, Kentucky in 1998 when interest rates were nearly twice what they are today.  Mark acquired his last property in 2019, and is open to finding more deals, but claims to be holding off in the near term to see what effect inflation is going to have on housing values..

“With interest rates rising and inventory low in the areas I like, I’m just holding on to see what happens in the near to mid-term.”

Mark claims to have a vacancy rate of 8%, and all of his properties serve a ”blue collar’ clientele.  Most properties are 3 bedroom/2 bath, though some are 2/1’s as well, and are considered B to B+ properties.

Here is a great post from if your interested in learning more about the different classes of properties.

Mark prefers single family homes for a couple reasons:

  1.  He feels he gets a higher quality renter, who provides him a better chance of being a long-term tenant.  And, Single Family Home tenants seem to treat the property as if it were their own.  
  2. Exit strategy.  When he is ready to sell, he feels he can sell to ‘retail buyers’ who will be less savvy and have a higher propensity to pay top dollar.  Rather than another Real Estate Investor who will be focused solely, on the numbers. 

Mark doesn’t do Associations or HOA’s, he doesn’t want to have a third party having any say over his properties..

Building the Millionaire mindset began at an early age.

Building a 7 figure net worth takes years of dedication, commitment and perhaps a little luck.  It starts at a young age, and while it may not be your stated goal to become a millionaire, the process starts with the right mindset.

So Mark, “how did you get into real estate investing”?

“I was 32 and had been working as a PT for 3 years when I learned about Sam Zell”.  I always knew I wanted to build wealth and Sam opened my eyes to real estate.  I was impressed that he got a law degree, but left to pursue a passion for real estate.  I wanted to have a passion project, as my Physical Therapy business hadn’t turned into a passion at that point.”

What events in your childhood do you think led to your success?

“I played sports from an early age which helped me develop a competitive spirit and an ability to work well with a team.  I started to work as a golf caddy when I was 12 years old, which forced me to learn to converse with older, successful men and women.”

“Also, my father owned a few rentals himself, and I remember riding around with him on the weekends when I was young and him telling me “that one’s going to put you and Nancy (sister) through college”.  “That one there, is going to pay for Nancy’s Wedding”.  

“My dad was a worker, that is all I knew and saw from a very young age”.

“My Mother was a stay at home mom, and my dad worked at a tire plant.  Dad was the epitome of “blue collar”.  There wasn’t a day that went by, when he’d come home with clothes that weren’t covered in dirt and grime from those tires.   Both he and my mother were very supportive of my sister and I, in everything we did”.

What is your philosophy on giving?

“We are Christians, and as Christians we’re taught to Tithe (10% of earnings) so we hold ourselves accountable in that regard.”  “Someday, I’ll be gone and my kids will take over the rentals, and they may sell every one of them.  But, they know my wishes will be to give 10% to the church and other charitable organizations.  I think they understand this, and will be compelled to continue on with the mission”.

In Conclusion

I’m so grateful to Mark for his candidness, and I hope you found value in his story.  Mark’s Millionaire Mindset evolved over time, though he doesn’t believe he was conscious about grooming it.  He was simply taking what life gave him. 

Mark whole-heartedly believes, that with the right programming, and sometimes de-programing of your mind, then anyone can achieve millionaire status.

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  1. Great write up, Jim. I can relate to the real estate investor Mark. First – single family homes are easily my preferred choice. We have five of them (one is a condo we rent as an Airbnb in Michigan). My dad was a millionaire but the most unassuming kind: he lived WAY below his means, to a fault I’d argue. We were a little surprised he’d amassed a 7 figure net worth after he had passed. Stealth wealth is fine, but don’t put your health at risk with sub standard housing or nutrition if you can afford better.

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