When most people think of the word ‘Investment’ they see it as a financial term..  And, for the most part that’s absolutely true.  But, we can also look at it more broadly, and introspectively and see how the term ‘Investment’ plays out in many other aspects of life.  

Collins Dictionary provides one definition of ‘Investment’ as:

A devoting, using, or giving of time, talent, emotional energy, etc., as for a purpose or to achieve something.

Investment is about ‘achieving something’, whether that achievement is financial or some other form of measurement..  My goal is to use this site to broaden the definition of ‘Investments’ by relating it to; Finances, Time, Emotions, Health, Personal and Spiritual Growth, and even Humanity.

Lets face it,

Life; is a series of Investments…..

  • Spending four years at a university to earn a college degree, is an Investment in your future.
  • Volunteering at your local Habitat for Humanity Chapter to build a house for someone in need, is an Investment in your community..
  • Training for a Marathon, a 100 Mile Swim, or an Ultra Trail Run is an investment in your health, your competitive spirit, and mental fortitude.
  • Teaching youth about the value of Civic Inclusion, Patriotism, and Fiscal Responsibility is an Investment in the next generation..

To me, these are all Investments, if we were to define them by the Collins Dictionary definition.

So, on this site, I’ll talk about Investments from this point of view, and certainly from a financial perspective as well.  I consider myself to be a ‘Situational Investor’, because I really like to achieve things.

About Me:

My name is Jim, I’m a guy in his early 50’s and have been investing in stocks since Bill Clinton was ‘the leader of the free world’..  

I’ve been investing in real estate since before Bear Sterns collapsed, and Enron was still shredding financial documents.

I’ve invested in a farm on 16 acres in 2012, with two rental properties on it, and a 50x 30 pole barn.  I’ve harvested trees for income, had cows, chickens, and sheep, and have raised plants in my greenhouse. 

If you want to see an aerial photo of my farm check that out here.

I live in rural America, having had enough of urban sprawl, and big city problems.  I’m currently working in the medical industry, and hope to achieve FIRE in 5-6 years.  This blog is a means of building a community, keeping myself on a focused FIRE path, and help people expand their vision of what the word ‘Investment’ can really mean.

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