About Me

Hi there!  Thanks for stopping by.  My name is Jim, and I dig writing about investments and helping people recognize investment opportunities they may not have thought about. 

Personally, I’m a guy in his early 50’s and have been investing in stocks since Bill Clinton received his mail, (among other things) at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

I’ve been investing in real estate since Bear Sterns was relevant, and the curtain had yet to be drawn to show how over-leveraged they truly were.

BUT, as much as I love investing and talking about investing, there are other things I truly value in life, such as:

Long walks on the beach……

As long as the beach is lined with epic real estate that I can dream about owning, in the hopes of generating copious amounts of cash flow and tax advantages.

If not, I’d rather be in the mountains. 

That’s me on one of those walks, while I bust my sad impression of a ‘Warrior Pose’


I also love Puppies……

Ok, Ok, at least the companies that support the Puppy Industry, especially the profitable ones that consistently pay their shareholders dividends. 

And I love sipping coffee at an outside cafe while I watch the sun go down…. 

As long as the coffee beans from which I’m sipping, come from farms who value their employees, use locally-sourced raw materials, and are supporting local charities.

Come to think of it….. Maybe I just really love investments…. That’s probably what it is. 

But, I promise I’m really not that superficial, I also cherish many things such as; my family, Jesus Christ, the air I breathe, strawberries in May, the garden I grow every year, and giving back to my community!     

If you’d like to follow my Financial Independence journey, cool!   I’d love to connect!  PINKY’S CROSSED, I will do my best not to bore you and hope to provide you with some unique investment ideas, some of which I’ve done in the past or will in the future.  Thanks for stopping by!

Oh, and BTW, I really do love puppies, here are mine 😉


Subjects that may come up on this site include. but are not limited to:

Real Estate Investing; I currently own and manage 4 SFH’s and one Condo, so I will likely talk about these in great detail.

Dividend investing, particularly by deploying the DRIP method.  I’ve been investing for over 20 years in equities, and mutual/index funds.  I’ll share my knowledge about stocks and long term dividend strategies.

My Farm.  I bought a farm in 2012, with a rental property on it, a 50x 30 pole barn and 14 acres.  I’ve harvested trees for income, had cows, chickens, and  sheep, and have raised plants in my greenhouse. 

If you want to see an aerial photo of my farm check that out here.


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