I’m Swimming to Nashville…Or at Least the 100 Miles it Takes to Drive to it

swimming long distance

Swimming has been a passion of mine for over 20 years, it’s the one exercise that’s so ingrained in my life, that I hardly view it as ‘exercise’.  And, outside of my marriage, there are very few nothing else I can think of that I’ve stayed committed to, for over two-decades.

Swimming long distance has stolen my heart.

I love the low-impact workout my joints and muscles get, which swimming offers.  I love the constant movement of all my appendages, as I glide through the water.  I love the endorphins swimming produces and the clear mind I have when I’m finished.  I really just think I’m part ‘Fish’, if you want to know the truth about it.

I haven’t always been a Long Distance Swimmer though.

I was 31 years old when I fell-into (pun intended) my passion for swimming, and believe me, it took time to work up to ‘Passion’.  I had a co-worker, who was also a long distance swimmer, who coaxed me into taking up the sport.  At first it was arduous, mundane, and not all that enjoyable, but I stuck with it, and am so glad I did.

Swimming Long Distance is good for the Mind, Body, and Soul.

For me, I have copious amounts of nervous energy which has gotten better over the years, and I’ll be the first to admit, swimming had a lot to do with that.  Like most cardio exercise, swimming has a way of calming anxiety, and improving your mood.  It’s said that regular swimming can lead to a 41% decrease risk of heart disease and stroke.

Because of this, I’ve become so enamored obsessed with swimming that I bring my swim goggles whenever I go out of town; on vacation, on work trips, heck I’ve even been known to swim in a lake or ocean if a pool is not accessible.

My wife thinks I’m a little over the top about swimming, but she just doesn’t get it.  And that’s ok, to each their own.  My thought is; whatever activity helps someone find peace and tranquility should be embraced, as long as it’s moral, ethical, and of no harm to others.  For me, I find peace in swimming long distances, for you calmness may be found in reading, running, or meditation.

Hey, whatever it is that can enables you to function in a more productive manner, let’r rip!

So, about the title of this post, it may have been a little misleading, if so, kindly accept my apologies.  Obviously swimming long distances requires the proper ‘setting’, preferably made up of ‘two parts Hydrogen and one part Oxygen’.  However, since there is no navigable body of water between my doorstep and Downtown Nashville, I won’t actually be swimming TO Nashville.  Sorry to disappoint!

But, Downtown Nashville is roughly 100 miles from my doorstep.  So, as a physical and mental challenge, kind of like my options trading goal, I’ve decided to swim this distance in the 2023 calendar year.  And, for you statisticians out there, I’ll be keeping a log of my progress.  Here’s what I got for you so far:

Long Distance Swimming

If you’d like to follow along on my 100-mile ‘Swim to Nashville’ journey, I’d love to have you do so, and feel free to cheer me on!


The breakdown of my Long Distance Swimming Challenge.

To reach my goal of 100 miles, I’ll need to swim a total of 8.33 miles each month.  Some months (such as during the summer) I’ll likely be able to swim more than the average 8.33 miles, which will help make up for the shorter months, like February.

I’ll be tracking the total Yards and the total miles, along with my heart rate, the number of calories burned, and my 100 yard pace.  I’ve also logged my body weight on January 3rd (186 lbs in case you’re curious), and will again record it after I get to mile 100.  It will be interesting to see how 100 miles of swimming affects the ole poundage.

By the way ‘Hats off’ to Fritz over at Retirement Manifesto who swam 3 miles last summer in a lake, which is a whole different animal than swimming in a properly chlorinated and clear swimming pool.  You see, in a lake it’s very easy to lose your bearings and get off course, which causes you to swim farther than you intend to.  For now, I’ll do most of my 100 miles in a pool.

Maybe after my ‘Swim to Nashville’ I’ll be able to accomplish a 3 mile lake swim, like Fritz was able to do.  How about you, is swimming long distances something that you could get passionate about?


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  1. I love your 100 mile challenge, and would like to officially add another challenge to your year. How about joining me on the swim across Lake Blue Ridge? If you’re 100 miles from Nashville, you’re within easy driving distance to Blue Ridge. Up for the challenge?

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